Our customers and employees' training experience with us

"Very knowledgeable instructor who explains the A330 aircraft systems very clearly."
"Excellent instructor.  He shared a lot of knowledge and stories based on his experience which made the class very enjoyable and easier for us to relate."
"What I like about the lecturer is that he will teach the essential ones rather than just read from the notes."
A300-200/300 (PW 4000) General Familiarisation
25 May 2016 to 27 May 2016

"Able to impart his experiences on the aircraft which made learning easier."

GE 90 (B777-200/300) B2 Structured Practical Training
26 & 29 February 2016

"TTC's combined B1 & B2 (dual category) programme has empowered and positioned me strategically well in this fast paced and ever changing industry.  Having undergone this holistic training as an instructor, it has given me an unrestricted coverage across all different aerospace disciplines.  Being able to meld and instruct both mechanical and avionics aspects during courses ensures a more well rounded delivery to the students in the class.  Looking ahead, aircraft like the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 are incorporating increasingly more mechano-electric systems and the fine line between mechanical and avionics systems will be brought even closer.  In the training field, we too have to step forward and bridge this divide."
Aloysius Soh
Instructor, ST Engineering Aerospace Technical Training Centre
Part-147 approved dual category B1/B2 instructor - 1st ever in Singapore

"He put in effort to bring us to the hangar to view the planes to reinforce our learning."
"The hangar walkabout was awesome!"
"The hangar visit was an eye opener to the environment that we will be working."
"I enjoyed watching the videos."
"Gave us a taste of real life work situation."
"His vast experience in the industry value-adds to the course."
"The recaps every morning is very useful."
"Very patient always making sure we understand before moving to the next chapter."
"His explanation was clear and concise.  Incorporating the practical tools and equipment into a theoretical lesson allowed me to understand the subject better."

SAR/EASA Part-66 Module 6 Materials and Hardware B1 & B2
3 March 2016 to 8 April 2016

"Excellent, very well experienced instructor. Keep up the good work."

B777-200/300 (GE 90 / RR Trent 800) B1 Structured Practical Training
28 March 2016 to 13 April 2016

"Lectures are well paced and morning recaps very useful, reinforcing our learning."
"Very patient, friendly and approachable teacher.  Excellent teaching and explanation skills."
"Has vast knowledge on the subject.  Overall a great lecturer."
"The walkabout in the workshop allowed us to understand the subject better, enhancing the lesson."
"Very experienced instructor who ensures everyone's understanding of his lesson and resolves all doubts."
"Thank you for being patient and understanding teaching a student with no aviation background."
"Shares his knowledge and experience which is beyond the course notes we have. We learnt useful information about adapting to life at the hangar."
SAR/EASA Part-66 Module 6 Materials and Hardware B1 & B2
11 April 2016 to 10 May 2016

"Great enthusiastic instructor.  Goes beyond his comfort zone to ensure every detail is delivered."
"He went the extra mile by bringing us for an aircraft visit to further our understanding of the systems."
"It is a great pleasure and honour to receive my first type course at TTC.  Great input of both technical knowledge and working operations from the instructors.  Thank you."

B777-200/300/300ER (GE 90 / RR Trent 800 / PW 4000) B1 & B2
11 January 2016 to 8 March 2016

"Knowledgeable and able to relate practical situations."
"Short but impactful."
B777-200/300/300ER (GE 90) versus B777-200/300 (Any Engines) B1 Differences Structured Practical Training
7 April 2016 to 11 April 2016

"Good, satisfied.  Even mentioned safety aspects when carrying out work on the aircraft."
B777-200/300/300ER (GE 90) versus B777-200/300 (Any Engines) B1 Differences Structured Practical Training
10 March 2016 to 14 March 2016

"Very well delivered.  Thank you."
"Salute the person who recommended use of the lightweight portable audio communication system.  What a simple but effective way to conduct training in an open and typically noisy aircraft work environment."
CFM 56 (A318 / A319 / A320 / A321) B2 Structured Practical Training
10 March 2016

"Visit to the Propeller Shop was an important event for me."
"Well prepared, knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile to help."

SAR-66 Module 17 Propeller B1 
16 April 2015 to 29 April 2015

"Benefitted a lot due to his vast practical experience."
B777-300ER (GE 90) versus B777-200/300 (All Engines) B1 & B2 Differences
14 May to 22 May 2015

"He is very focused and delivered the subjects well and with clear explanations."
"Clear and easy to understand."
"Very committed instructors with vast experience."
B737-600/700/800/900/900ER (CFM 56) B1 & B2
29 June 2015 to 27 August 2015

"Good job! Keep it up.  Very professional and knowledgeable.  He shares with the class troubleshooting tips which are extremely helpful."
"Very resourceful, included the component location / identification during the lesson."
"Good incorporation of CBT in lessons"
"Good videos to demonstrate ATAs 29, 27 and 32.  Invaluable knowledge.  Well done."
A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM 56 / IAE V2500) B1 & B2
4 September 2015 to 5 November 2015

"Good and simple analogy used to explain.  Very well prepared."
"As a learner with no background knowledge, his lively presentation and interesting analogies helped me understand main concepts in the shortest period of time."
"Very driven, passionate and communicates with the students very well."
"Made potentially dry topics interesting.  Enjoyed the session very much."
B777-300ER (GE 90) Ramp & Transit
2 June 2014 to 18 June 2014 (SIM University)

"Personal experiences are shared which are value-added to this course which I learnt much."
Introduction to Borescope of Gas Turbine Engine
14 & 15 May 2014

"Instructor is very knowledgeable about the A320."
Electrical Power (ATA 24 - Level II) A320
2 April 2014 to 4 April 2014

"Very simplified and easy to understand."
Fundamentals of Heat Treatment
17 & 19 March 2014

"Patient and answered questions with supporting references.  His practical skill is good and imparted useful tips."
"Interesting and fun hands-on."
Fundamentals of Sheet Metal
24 March 2014 to 28 March 2014

"Instructor was engaging."
"Virtual tour was great."
"Very experienced instructor, able to deliver the content clearly."
B737-600/700/800/900/900ER General Familiarisation
26 May 2014 to 28 May 2014

"Very enthusiastic and passionate instructor."
A320 General Familiarisation
22 December 2014 to 24 December 2014

"Highly recommend this course to my colleagues."
SAR-66 Module 10 Aviation Legislation B1 & B2
14 January 2013 to 21 January 2013

"Best Type course I have ever experienced."
"Learnt a great deal."
"Most experienced and knowledgeable instructors."

A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM 56 / IAE V2500) B2
20 June 2013 to 1 August 2013

"Aircraft visit was good as it reinforces subjects taught in class. Thanks for taking the effort. Much appreciated."
"Course was conducted very well, complete with humour."
"Excellent instructor who peppers his knowledgeable delivery with anecdotes and makes for an interesting, engaging and entertaining 3 days."

A320 General Familiarisation
26 September 2013 to 30 September 2013

"Extremely clear instructions."
"Best Type course instructors."
"Well trained instructors.  Course delivered very well."
"Keep up the good work TTC."
A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM 56 / IAE V2500) B1
4 December 2013 to 23 January 2014

"Excellent delivery, able to break down key concepts into laymen terms."
"Best instructor in TTC.  His sharing of knowledge and experience is well presented."
"Highly recommended course."

SAR-66 Module 13 Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems B2
11 June 2012 to 13 September 2012

"The course has been well prepared and the instructor is the most experienced I ever had."
A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM 56) B2 Supplemental
31 August 2012 to 21 September 2012 (STARCO - Shanghai)

"Effective teaching skills, the best instructor so far.  Managed to break down complex topics for easy understanding and yet give an understanding of the overall systems."
A330-200/300 (PW 4000 / GE CF6 / RR Trent 700) B2
15 October 2012 to 17 December 2012